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Network Science is the study of network representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena leading to predictive models of these phenomena.

In this course, we will study networks, mainly following the book Networks, Crowds and Markets by David Easley and Jim Kleinberg (Cambridge UP 2010). A pre-publication draft of the book can be downloaded from its web page.

The plan is to work through the first 4 parts of the book (leaving the remainder of the book for self-study), under the following titles:

  1. Graph Theory (and Social Networks)

  2. Game Theory

  3. Markets and Strategic Interaction in Networks

  4. Information Networks and the World Wide Web

This website serves as the repository for (some) lecture notes from the course. Feel free to add your thoughts and further material through comments or through pull requests on github.


  • David Easley and Jon Kleinberg: Networks, Crowds and Markets, Cambridge University Press 2010.

  • Mark Newman: Networks: an Introduction, Oxford University Press 2010.

  • Vito Latora, Vincenzo Nicosia and Giovanni Russo: Complex Networks: Principles, Methods and Applications Cambridge University Press 2017.

  • Ernesto Estrada and Philip A. Knight: A first course in network theory Oxford University Press 2015.

  • Albert-László Barabási: Network Science, Cambridge University Press 2016.